Are chattels chats between buyers and sellers? Is a caveat like a cravat you wear around your neck?

The short answer is no to both questions.


Property transfers come with a lot of legal jargon and complex paperwork. That’s why you need a plain-speaking expert and someone you can trust whether you’re buying or selling property.


Deidre has been a conveyancer for over 25 years and is professionally qualified to advise clients in matters involved in the buying and selling of property in NSW.


She holds a conveyancing licence issued by Fair Trading NSW and is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division. She specialises in conveyancing law and is highly experienced to protect you and your interests. What’s more, she also holds professional indemnity insurance.


With Deidre Hayes Conveyancing’s experience and a sharp eye for detail, you’re in good hands. Deidre knows what to look for to anticipate any issues early in the transaction and deals with them to avoid delays in the transfer process. It all adds up to a seamless experience.


Known for her professionalism throughout the industry, many of her clients return to have Deidre handle their sales and purchases.

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