What are disbursements?

Disbursements are charges which include enquiries made to various government/infrastructure bodies to ascertain if there’s any impediment or interest in the property. For example, approved proposals re roads or rail which affect the property.

Why do some conveyancers/solicitors seem to be much cheaper than others?

The firm may be quoting costs only and disbursements will be an "add on" when you receive your bill from the firm before the settlement. It may even be that they aren't making all the enquiries and so you won't be aware of potential property affectations.

Do I need a solicitor for my residential property transaction?

No. In NSW a conveyancer is qualified to carry out the work for you. Solicitors often act for clients in various other areas of the law as well as conducting conveyancing. They may be away from their office (for instance in court) when you need to speak to them. A conveyancer only practices conveyancing law and should be available to deal with issues promptly.

Pest and building reports seem very expensive. Do I really need them?

That depends whether you’re happy to find out nasty surprises after you’ve moved in!

What does “buying off the plan” mean? Are there any risks involved?

Buying off the plan generally means that you are buying a property which is not yet built. Developers do this to secure their funding for the construction of the building. The potential risks may include:

  • The finished product may not live up to your expectations.

  • There can be delays in completion which may affect your funding.

  • Defects as a result of a poor quality build which may not be covered by insurance.


I’m a busy person! Do I need to visit your office for a face to face meeting?

Not necessarily. More and more these days I’m finding that once the identification requirements have been met, we can conduct the rest of the matter by phone and email. The Verification of Identity (VOI) is a legal requirement which can be conducted either in person at my office or at your local post office.