As a licensed conveyancer, Deidre is professionally qualified to advise you in the legal matters of buying and selling of property within NSW. She works diligently with you and explains the various stages and processes throughout the entire matter.



Before you decide to put your property on the market or look to buy one, speak to Deidre Hayes Conveyancing as early as you can - especially first home buyers.


That’s because, in relation to a sale, no marketing or advertising can commence until the agent has a contract for sale, which must include various searches and certificates. Deidre Hayes Conveyancing prepares this contract for you for a smoother selling process.


If you’re purchasing a property and you’re asked to sign a contract, it’s a better idea to forward the contract to Deidre Hayes Conveyancing for review before you sign. Contracts can vary in many ways so any risks or issues can be highlighted before you proceed further.

See our tips to choosing a conveyancer if it's your first time buying or selling property.



Deidre Hayes Conveyancing covers every base in buying and selling transactions. You’ll have personalised service from Deidre every step of the way. Plus she’ll always keep you in the loop so you know exactly what’s going on. In summary, the conveyancing process includes the following.


  • Review of the contract in relation to your purchase.

  • Taking instructions from you in relation to your sale and preparation of marketing contracts.

  • Examining results of strata inspections and providing advice.

  • Negotiating changes to contracts.

  • Arranging exchange of contracts.

  • Advising you on payment of stamp duty and any possible exemptions/concessions.

  • Making enquiries to various government authorities to check whether the authority has any vested interest in the land or matter which may affect the title to the land (e.g. Roads and Maritime Services, the local council, Rail Corp).

  • Dealing with your lender to arrange settlement.

  • Preparing settlement adjustments for council and water rates.

  • Completing search checks prior to settlement.

  • Attending settlement.


Throughout the entire matter, Deidre Hayes Conveyancing keeps you advised in a timely manner so that the transaction is completed with ease and a minimum of fuss.

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